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NIR interferometry

Sala Polivalente (IAA)

Sala Polivalente



Discussion Session

This event is a discussion session on applications of near-infrared (NIR) interferometry. It will be given by Maria Koutoulaki.

Maria Koutoulaki is an expert in near-infrared (NIR) interferometry and her main research interests are in star formation and protoplanetary disks. We think it may be interesting for the IAA community, especially for PhD students, to learn more about this type of observations and see if one could apply it to their own projects.

We therefore invite you to this informal session on the 2nd of October at 10:00 at the sala polivalente next to the kitchen. The session should last about 1h. We encourage the students to attend and ask lots of questions!

The main topics will be:
1) What is near-infrared interferometry?
2) What are the facilities out there?
3) Young Stellar Objects as seen through the eye of VLTI?
4) What can I do with it?
5) Discussion

This event is organized by Maria Koutoulaki (University of Leeds) and Rubén Fedriani (IAA-CSIC).